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21 days ago

Number one- Friggin almost summer time! I can almost smell the sunscreen 🤸🏼‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🌴 Number two- it’s one month until I start my next van build. Hooray! For those who have seen my last post you know I’ve been bunkering down in Oregon for winter in a beautiful barn loft. One of the coolest things about my loft, that you can’t see from my photo, is that right beneath my space there is a 1500sq ft garage with 30something ft ceilings. Basically van re-build heaven. And after a recent chat with my lovely Swedish landlord, he’s agreed to let me pull in my van(s) and remodel them inside of it. So basically this is a dream come true! I drive down the most beautiful farm dusted, tree lined rd to the barn, pull into the garage and walk right up into my beautiful loft. I feel so grateful and so So happy to have a space of my own to do what I love. Keep your eyes peeled in May for the first peeps of my new adventure mobile! at Tulum, Quintana Roo

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2 months ago

It’s been a long string of months since I’ve given an update to all of you guys here on Insta. Thank you to all you who have sent messages checking in or who have sent friendly hellos. I want you all to know that I am alive and well! Those who follow closely may have been around back in November when Vanna and I were closing the chapter on the farm here in Southern Oregon. I spent the better part of a year there- growing comfortable and living in the van while working. But as it always does, change came knocking and I prepared unexpectedly to move on from life on the farm. Having decided to stay for the winter in Oregon and with no power in Vanna to run heat or lights- I searched for my own place to live while I planned my next steps. This was a huge change for me! As I’ve not had my own place to live since 2011. Enter this barn loft- the beautiful space in an 18ton hay barn that I’ve spent the last few months making my own. I’ve got power! And a kitchen! And a hot shower- but no WiFi and barely-there cell reception which accounts for a lot of my absence here in the Instasphere. I’ve got more space than a dozen Vannas could provide and for the time, and it feels so right. As you can see I’ve been nesting. In a major way. I guess having your own space for the first time in seven years can do that. Vanna is parked out front currently empty- filled with tools, summer clothes, and this and that- but she’s not forgotten. As winter is more than halfway over I’m starting to figure out what to do next. Im paid here through April- This place feels like home and I feel so incredibly lucky to be here. But vanlife is always calling me. Life feels a bit wild right now- it can feel so polar and a little crazy to be honest- that I can so happily hop from one type of lifestyle to the next on what feels like a whim. But I’m grateful. I decided a long time ago to forego the idea of success as society defines it and live by my own standards. Im still figuring out exactly what it looks like for me. But for now im not asking questions- im putting another log into the fire and going to bed thankful for this life and all it’s given me. Happy to be here, now. #gratitude #thewaywardloft

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4 months ago

#1 . .Well, here she is! My number one most liked, shared, and reposted moment from 2018✨ she’s a beauty I think. Here’s #vannathevan on Odell Lake outside Crater Lake National Park in Southern Oregon. I woke up here the next morning to a rainbow over the lake. What is it about rainbows that make you feel like you’re in exactly the right place at the right time? . . At the turn of the New Year I usually get all the feels. Since I graduated college in 2012, every year has looked completely different from the one prior. Until I arrived in Oregon last year it had been a long time before I had stayed anywhere for longer than a few months. I’ve met so many amazing people and had so many deeply meaningful experiences. I’ve cried tears of happiness and bliss in moments. Had to pinch myself to make sure things I was experiencing were real. And so too, Some of the struggles at times have seemed so heavy that i didn’t know how to transcend the pain. But to me that is what makes life beautiful. The fact that life can be so incredibly marvelous and so unsparing at the same time. I’m grateful to be here where I am today. This year I will work on worrying less about things I cannot control and having more compassion for myself. That is my resolution! Thank you for being such an awesome, inspiring community and I hope each and every one of you has a prosperous and love filled 2019! Xo

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4 months ago

#2! Continuing the countdown of my four most liked photos from 2018 ✨ and this one may be my favorite. My personal favorite capture on what may have been my favorite day of the year. . .This day I was driving through the Redwoods of Nothern California. The weather was perfect. I found a little pullout onto this rock bed along the Eel River where I hung out for a few hours, had lunch, sunbathed, cleaned up vanna a bit, without any other person in sight. I remember feeling particularly grateful in these moments. It may not have been my most adventurous or captivating day of the year. After all, I had been to Havasupai, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, and Big Sur to name a few- but for some reason this day stocks with me. Blissing out! . . Look back at my two previous posts for photos #4 and #3. And if you’d like to watch all of adventures from this year as they were happening- check out my story highlights!

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4 months ago

#3! . .Continued from yesterday- this is my third most liked photo from 2018✨ On this night I was parked in a forest not far from the Oregon coastline. I set out earlier in the day after zero planning. During an impulsive moment I hopped in the van and started to drive West until I saw the ocean. About two and half hours. I didn’t really have a destination in mind- it’s the drive that soothes me. I stopped for coffee and a bite to eat then checked out a trail that lead to the beach. I was the only person there and the visibility couldn’t have been more than a half a mile. The fog was thick and low. It was cold. My night ended here- cozied and content. Not long after this the rain started and I retreated into Vanna. I slept so hard that night to the sound of thunder and rain. The next morning I woke up and drove right back to the farm. A short but nurturing little trip in #vannathevan . Part of a collection of moments I treasure

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4 months ago

I’m back! Emerging from a social media slumber. How glorious it has been to feel more present daily and take much needed time for self-care 🙏🏼 . .But! I’m feeling the punishment of the almighty algorithm for not posting a lick hardly in the last month. I’ve lost a few hundred followers! (Maybe more like 1,000?) and I suspect the engagement on this post wont be optimal. But who the heck has time for that? Im glad you’re here ☺️ Thanks to each one of you who are still following along with me. Through adventurous times and through more quiet transformative times! I love you! Now onto business.... . . The countdown to the new year is on. And wow is my world looking differently lately! I can’t wait to share more. There’s books and vans and adventures to bestow upon you! But in the meantime, here is my #4 most liked photo of 2018. My beloved #vannathevan deserves this spot I think! Just look at her ❤️Check back in tomorrow for #3!

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4 months ago

This ones for the ladies! . *Hi gals! A lot of you message me about items of clothing I’m wearing in my stories or decor you see in the van or in my home, etc. It is occurring to me that I could do something fun and sell them to you guys online. Because! As you may know, I’ve decided to stay in Oregon for Winter and I think I’m actually insane for that but- I need something to do while Vanna is under a tarp 😢 and I bunker down 🥶 #cabinfever #help What I want to know is- is this something you would be interested in? Stylish clothing and home decor curated by me- ( for instance- the famous yellow quilt from inside Vanna and my collection of faux fur jackets to name a few!) available online. Let me know in the comments below!

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4 months ago

From behind the wheel of this van I seek new experiences and revel in the feeling of adventure at my fingertips. Fueled up and with supplies in hand I can set out any direction I please. The possibilities are truly endless. And while that can sometimes feel intimidating, succumbing to intimidation is not an option. Get out there and see the world. No matter which direction you go. The road is waiting for you. .This adventure fueled by @76. - #ad - #76onTheRoad #76gas #vanlife #jeanandgene

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5 months ago

What are your hopes and dreams? Whatever they are hold on to them tightly and move confidently toward them. Because what we do defines us- when doing is not a job but rather a fire within us.

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5 months ago

I built this with my own two hands. And it’s hard to beat the feeling of accomplishment I felt in this very moment. When I bought the van it had good bones but was strikingly drab- covered in three decade old gray carpet, dirt, with only metal baskets for storage. Some of you are new to my account and some of you have been here for some time and may have followed along during the van’s transformation. It’s less than a week now until Madison, the new owner of the van who won it for just $50, will see it for the first time in Florida. I couldn’t be happier to see it go to someone who seems to have needed a fresh push in the right direction and who plans to live in the van for half of the year when she’s not at sea working as a pastry chef on a cruise line. She’s young and has intact her sense of adventure, which is all I could have hoped for in terms of who took the van home. She says she needed this- I can feel how special it is to her. It’s difficult to describe my feelings about how it feels to have changed someone’s life if even in the slightest way, for the better. Let’s all strive to use this platform to spread love, positivity, community, and inspiration with one another. The world could use as much of these things as it can get and it’s in all of our hands to make sure we #spreadlove. . Follow @our.blue.dream to meet Madison and tag along on her adventures

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5 months ago

There are so many things taking place in this world right now that I cannot comprehend. But amidst the shams and the drudgery never ever lose your sense of wonderment for Mother Nature and for life- and for all of the things that make this world so beautiful💚

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5 months ago

For just a moment, let go of any expectations you have of yourself. You should be better at this- or you shouldn’t do that- just let those things go. Maybe even close your eyes if you have to and feel yourself become lighter. You are who you are in this very moment, flaws and scars and imperfections. And that’s okay. It’s more than okay- it’s more than enough. You’re so much more than enough! You’re beautiful. And pretty damn awesome

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5 months ago

Just me and you, Vanna. And the fog

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5 months ago

I wonder...If my hairs could talk, what would they say?

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5 months ago

A lot of people ask what the term 'wayward' means to me. To this I say, "To be w a y w a r d is to be ungovernable. Unexpected. Independent. Rich in experiences and seeking adventure. To be wayward you must |EXPLORE| places you've never been |EXPERIMENT| with life outside of your comfort zone. And |EXPERIENCE| ultimate freedom." So for those of you asking, that's my bio explained. Now here's a photo of me and #vannathevan- my wayward mobile!

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5 months ago

It was raining a bit and you could hear the droplets on the water. You could hear the river flowing by unapologetically- but somehow it felt still here. Not frozen- but still. Not silent, but quiet. Cold and crisp air over the warm springs. Damn it was blissful at Oregon

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5 months ago

I think they call this working from home- under a forest canopy not from the sea. at Oregon Coast

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