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𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚖𝚎 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘, 𝚕𝚘-𝚕𝚘-𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚖𝚎 𝚕𝚒𝚔𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚍𝚘 🖤 at Lucketts, Virginia

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Rafting along the Angolan border has its surprises- often appearing in the shape of a crocodile.Something that is never a surprise is how even Tim cannot fluster this correspondent... at Kunene Region

11 hours ago

This early foggy wintery morning was nothing short of magic.✨ Sometimes the fog was so thick we could barely see a foot in front of our faces but then it would break if just for a moment so we could get glimpses of the amazing view we had. The only thing more magical was the adorable love these two couldn’t hide. So fun, so playful, so tender. These two beautiful humans are so excited to be engaged 😍 . . . . . . #pnwphotographer #pnwonderland #oregonphotographer #wildadventures #beloved #heyheyhellomay #loveintentionally #radstorytellers #wildhairandhappyhearts #intimatestorytellers #wildelopements #loveandwildhearts #pnwedding #heywildweddings #justalittleloveinspo #loveintentionally #adventurebrides #wanderingweddings #adventure #authenticlovemag #helloelopement #portrait #portraitphotography #adventurestorytellers #oarsandbeanies #travelphotographer #dirtybootsandmessyhair #naturallight #photobugcommunity #letsgosomewhere at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge

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SUPRISE!!!! IT’S TIME!!! The 2019 WILD Women Adventures are here!!! Scroll through the pictures to find the ones that float your fancy and make your WILD sparks glow. Then go to the link in my bio, click on your desired adventures and sign up! DISCOUNTED PRICES UNTIL DECEMBER 24th (Christmas present maybe?!) #theWILDwomen #BeWILD #StayWILD #WILDadventures

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Bow! This is after one day of working on this trick. Eventually we’ll add the actual command but until then I’m trying to just get her to actually bow and not lay all the way down. at West Palm Beach, Florida

19 hours ago

This blue bathroom/laundry facility is nestled between Tangkahan’s small tourist village on the border of Gunung Leuser National Park and a vast oil palm plantation. Strange as it might seem, this colorful building is a stark reminder of the dichotomy that makes Sumatra what it is today. ⠀ On one hand, this large Indonesian island is home to some of the most biodiverse and wildlife-rich habitats on the planet. On the other, it’s one of the largest producers of palm oil in the world — for which vast amounts of rainforest habitat have been decimated in order to make happen. ⠀ ⠀ As a visitor, it’s nearly impossible not to experience both these sides of Sumatra. In fact, we’ve had to drive through miles and miles of oil palm fields every time we’ve transferred to a new part of the island’s Leuser ecosystem, and along the way it’s been truly eyeopening to witness how these two very different interests — corporate and conservation — are playing out side by side. ⠀ ⠀ I look forward to diving deeper into this topic soon and, of course, sharing what I find with all of you. 🌴🌿🐒 . . . . . . #martakessumatr #palmoilfree #wildadventures #sumatra #indonesia #conservation #orangutan #margonewild at Tangkahan

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This seagull just decided to take a short break on a lone buoy in the middle of the ocean. Maybe he's lurking for some tasty fish... . שחף עושה הפסקה על מצוף בודד באמצע האוקיאנוס. אולי הוא אורב לאיזה דג טעים...

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Wild much? Extremely Sorry peeps😭❤️ I missed you all. I've been busy lately. My day job takes too much of a toll on me. But I promise to be regular now. ❤️✔️ . . . . . #instago #instagramwriters #instagramcommunity #instagramquotes #instaquotes #instaquoteoftheday #newpost #longtime #micropoetry #minimalism #miniquotes #follower #followmeto #shorinmyhead #avanisangani #wildadventures #nightquotes #stories #story #poetfollow #poeticjustice #poemsoninsta #poetryofig

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My trip to Cappadocia is over, I’m back home. It’s been a short week full of stunning sights, points of view. The perfect land for a photographer or a photography eager like me. But if you ask me what I loved most the answer is absolutely one: DOGS 🐕 They’re wild, they’re free, they make you feel like being a guest at their home. at Kapadokya/Goreme

1 day ago

Jajan di Hutan Aneh?. Ya mungkin begitu ketika kami mengakhiri perjalanan body rafting ini. Tak menyangka bakalan ada yang jualan di tempat jarang orang lalu lalang. Tapi inilah keunikannya. Yang lebih unik lagi, ternyata baru tahu setelah sekian lama bahwa istri menyukai hal-hal ekstrim. . Menarik sekaligus gak percaya, dulu kalau mau main yang berbau hal-hal ekstrim bareng temen. Tapi sekarang ajak istri aja, pasti dia akan bilang Come on!!. Yah konsekuensi kali yah, ketika suami mulai ngajarin istri bisa berenang. 🏊🏊 #wildadventures #bodyrafting

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Advent calender day 10. I've been single for a long time, which can be lonely, especially in a romantic retreat kinda place like Nkima. One morning I spotted this bushbuck in the early light, picking his way through grasshoppers and sparkling wet grass. It was glorious, better than what I managed to capture, and pointed it out to the couple I was breakfasting with. They looked, murmured appreciation, and went back to their coffee. I think I'm maybe better off being by myself and in love with the world, than risking being stuck with someone who wouldn't share a moment of wonder with me. #nearwild #wildlife #natureconnection #nature_lovers #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #canonnature #naturalist #uganda #bushbuck #nkimaforestlodge #foreveralone #betteroffalone #toouglyanyway #sadtoday #ilovenature #Adventure4All #Adventurerclub #wildlifeadventures #wildadventures #Advent #countdown #christmas *I'm not judging people who aren't interested in nature, just ever glad I'm no longer with one. at Nkima Forest Lodge

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Recent regional fires burnt both bush and mangrove along parts of the coast. Spent a bit of time walking the bush, surprising how fast grasses regenerate. Within 48 hrs of fire and rain, there were new shoots. Do it or die in the wild world! #gladstoneregion #narrows #wildadventures

2 days ago

Advent calendar day 9. I've posted this photo before, but this kestrel is so special. She was probably the first creature I consciously saw as 'the one who lives here', with a complex life, habits and character, rather than just a creature. I actually thought she had died, since I didn't see her at all over the summer, but I was just at the marsh now and there was a female kestrel in her favourite tree... The same one? I don't know, but I hope ♡ #nearwild #wildlife #natureconnection #nature_lovers #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #canonnature #naturalist #naturyst #kings_birds #birds_captures #birdchallenge #bird_brilliance #kestrel #littlebush #farlingtonmarshes #safariuk #Adventure4All #Adventurerclub #wildlifeadventures #wildadventures #Advent #countdown #christmas at Farlington Marshes

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Last week my six year old daughter after getting out of time out asked me, "do you still love me?" After I assured her up and down that I love her all the time she said, " you mean you believe in me?" I was amazed at her insight and smartness to connect those two concepts. Of course, I went into a large list of what I did believe about her and what she would grow up to be. The conversation lingered with me that day and that night I shared with my hubs. He uttered not even an actual word, but just a sound, and I knew, we both knew the significance and wisdom of Gwen to ask that, and what that meant for both of us as parents and people to guide her but not only look at our lives. The question hit me in the face by surprise and immediately I recognized it like an old friend… Do you believe in me? #whereisshesgettingthis #isshegettingthisfromme! (ahh – real mom moment) Do I even believe in myself? I ask that because here is what I’m up to this year. I am getting ready to dive into the biggest adventure imaginable and create the life and work that I love this year!!! SOOOO, the flip side of that is CAN I Really do that?? Can I really retire from weddings, and create senior portrait work that people love!? THE ANSWER is YES! … but the doubts can creep up in my brain. #thestruggleisreal Are they creeping up in your brain too? SOOO my question for you is this?? What are your BIG Dreams? Are they wild? Will they take guts? Are they pushing you to really live? What are YOU believing about yourself As you choose to follow them? That you are amazing! That you can DO IT! That YOU are enough! I want to hear? #seniors what are you believing about yourself as you finish up this fun year making memories - or as you wait acceptance letters - or as dream about college?!? at Naperville, Illinois

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What a wonderful place to relax and recuperate 🏔 @halcyonhotsprings offers amazing mountain views, delicious food and a restorative hot springs. I have been going through some health stuff and have been in a great deal of pain. After dipping back and forth in their two hot and one cold pool I feel a little more human and a lot more relaxed. I would recommend! Visit if you are looking for a lovely romantic place to recharge. You even get to take a ferry! at Halcyon Hot Springs, British Columbia

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~ On Ride ~ {Alex} Name: Swamp Thing Park: Wild Adventures Opening Date: May 10th, 2003 Type: Inverted Manufacturer: Vekoma Height: 48 Feet Speed: 26 Mph Inversions: 0 Video: @coasterforce Song: Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads • • • What’s your favorite orange coaster? at Swamp Thing (Wild Adventures)

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My Christmas minis have been SO much fun & are all SO cute! They’re putting me in such a Christmas mood 😍 so here’s me and my cute hubby snuggled up in the softest blanket in front of a bunch of Christmas trees in front of someone’s house in Utah 😳 don’t worry we got permission 😂 they were so kind to let us use their front yard!🎄 Did you miss out on my Christmas Minis? Well check my story for a special surprise I think you’ll like! 😉

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What’s it like to quit your job, grab a backpack, and travel the world? Comment your opinions at Son Doong Adventure