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Wednesdays are for sleeping on my new pillow after a long walk! What do you do to break the week in half? Please let me know! @photogiftsideas

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about 4 years ago 😱 cant believe how much they've changed. - •(let me say that jina was chained for couple of hours, if u wanted to say something)

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The queen 👑 of pink 💕💗. I want to make a on Wednesday’s we wear pink joke here but goodness knows I’ve used that line too many times. I can’t help it, pink is my power color! Today I’m totally digging my new biothane leash from @tailsinthewoodsapparel! It’s waterproof 👏🏼 snow-proof 👏🏼 and all weatherproof 👏🏼. Can I get a heck yes? How amazing is that? @tailsinthewoodsapparel has lot’s of biothane colors and you can save on one of your own if you use my code: REINA15 . ________________________________________ 📍Cambridge, MA. #reinapfoxterrier #smoothfoxterrier #DogsofBARK Use my codes to save 💰: @stitchesforsteak - REINA15 @remiandlola_tags - REINA20 @ell.and.dil - REINA15 @rufflifeleashes - REINA10 @tailsinthewoodsapparel - REINA15 @stellastylesstudio - REINA10 @_cotton_paws_ - REINAPAWS15 @patchworkpawsco - REINA15 @lunationbowties - REINANATION15 at Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Since it’s #nationalloveyourpetday (thank for the reminder @mikayogarunningdog!) and last year I introduced you to my pet Dad, I thought this year I’d introduce you to my other pet, Mum! Mum is very smart and sometimes thinks she is outsmarting me! It’s very impressive! She likes to go on walks on the weekend and sometimes if she’s good I take her to the park! Mum’s favourite treat is something called a Caesar. It looks really weird to me, but you can never tell what these hoomans are gonna like. Mum is very kind and good natured and I like to give her licks on the chin to let her know I love her. Because she’s so smart, she was very easy to train and she’s always learning new tricks like “throw the stick I brought inside out the front door when I drop it to eat.” I don’t like that one, but it sure makes her happy. Sometimes I call her “My Pet Mumster!” Thanks for being my pet, Mum! LOVE YOU! 🐶❤️👩🏻 . . . #thedoodlefeed #buzzfeedanimals #bestwoof #goldendoodlemoments #goldendoodlesofinsta #barkhappy #houndsbazaar #doodletales #petsarefamily #todayfanphoto #doodleselfie #goldendoodlesrock #goldendoodlesofig #doodlelove #dailydoseofdoodles #ellendegeneres #icanteven  #fluffydog #pawstruck #petfancy #inspiredbypets #dogdailyfeaturesss #goldendoodles #barkpost #puppiesforall #dogsofficialdog #barkpack #delightfulgoldendoodles #lovemyfamily at Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Snow day = PJs all day! (Which tbh as does every day...😋)

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Triple trouble!!! 🙈😍😍😍 We’re expecting babies next month! DM for more info. 🐰 📸 @emeraldfrenchies

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It's National love your pets day! This is my little girl, Dollie! She is a 6 year old red dachshund! I have had her since she was eight weeks! I got her because I had always wanted a dachshund!! She just literally landed in my lap! What I love the most about her are the looks she gives or comments she makes (yes, I hear my dog talk to me) depending on what you say! 😆 She has a great personality! Now lets have some fun! We want to to know about your pet(s)!😄 🐕🐈🐎🐖🐃🐒🐇🐿🐓🐔🐧🐁🐢🐟🐄😍What kind do you have, their name, age, how long you've had them, your reason for having the pet you have and what you love the most about them! Comment below!!👇❤👇 #dolliescountrydachshunds #chaginglivesonedachshundatatime #nationalloveyourpetsday #mommyslittlegirl #motherdaughter #littlecutie #love #allthedoxies #dachshundmoments #puppydog #dachshundsforlife #dachshundaddict #dachshundmom #dachshundoftheday_ #dogcuddles #dachshundsarethebest #dogs #dachshundpuppy #dachshundworld #dachshundsofinstagram #delightfuldachshunds #dachshundloversphoto #dachshund #dachshund_love #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #puppiesforall #puppielove #dachshundloversclub #dachshundloversphotos

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snow mask & a boop?! realistically, could a wednesday get any better?? ↠ ↠ ↠ at Toronto, Ontario

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Is Maili a teacup? 🧸 And why do we have such small dogs? These are questions that we often get more or less reproachfully at the moment 🙄 That's why I decided to talk about it, although I’m a bit afraid about the reactions 🙈 First of all, no. Maili is not a teacup. Because this breed does not exist ☝️ The term "teacup" comes from dubious people who breed too small dogs in order to sell them profitably. Often unfortunately at the expense of the dogs 😔 Now, of course, I am aware that we also have a role model function here and that many people want a dog that is as small as ours. In fact, and please believe me, Lia has the size that you expect Monty to have - that’s what everyone told us who has ever met them 😊 They simply look bigger on the pictures 🤷‍♀️ And you know what? While some photoshop their dogs to look smaller and sweeter, I often even enlarge ours on the family pictures to make their sweet faces more recognizable 😅 So if you are looking for a dog, be sure that Lia is small enough! ☺️ And if it should be a tiny one, please do not support the teacup breeders 🙏 From time to time it just happens to the best and most responsible breeders that dogs become too small. This is a mistake that excludes from breeding and should be presented to you as such ☝️ The breeder should say "sure you want him? He has a serious fault" and not "it is an extra small teacup dog, which therefore costs 10 times as much” 🙈 But please be aware that small dogs get a lot easier health issues and that it’s a huge responsibility to take care of such tiny pups. And again - Lia is absolutely small enough 🙏 So, after what I just said, why do we have tiny ones as well? The truth is, first by accident and then it became “a vicious cycle” 🙈 - don’t get me wrong, we love every single one and are so so grateful to have them in our lives, but they also worry us so much 🙏😔 If you’re interested in the exact story how and why they came into our lives - I posted it in the comments 💗

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Cookie 🍪 Choco Tri male it’s available ❣️LOOKING FOR AMAZING HOME 🏡 AND FAMILY 🧸 READY TO GO ✈️ For more info. on puppy reservations call/ text/ DM ☎️ 323-253-8850 !!serious inquiries !! #garciasbulldogs #牛头犬 #ブルドッグ #englishbulldogsofinstagram #beijing #lolababe #valentines #englishbulldogsforsale #puppiesforall #englishbulldog #puppyproblems #shopping #puppiesofinstagram #bulldoglife #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldogmoments #tagus #repost #bulldogpuppies #igbulldogs_worldwide #englishbulldogpuppies #puppies #bullylifetv #bullylife #bulldogingles #akc #tagsforlikes #followforfollow #forsale #paypal

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Puppy Kindergarten classes are the perfect foundation to start your new adventure off right! 🥰 . Check out our website for easy online registration 🍀🧡🍀 at Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Hi furiends! Happy humps day, how are you? Sorry I've been MIA lately. A LOT has happened since we have moved to Texas. My pawrents are getting married, whatever that means buuuuut I heard cake so I'm in! Mahm works at @hwfeed and she gets to bring me to work! How cool is that!? I get to meet soooooo many cool pups when I help her at work. If y'all need any new treats, chews or toys come visit us. at Hollywood Feed

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Chillin’ Relaxin’ having a great time 🐶 For more pictures like this visit our website in the bio! 🐾 #puppy #cute #dogsofinstagram

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Hi ! I am Twitter. I'm a four month old Indie. One day I was crossing the road and suddenly found myself under the wheels of a car. The couple picked me up and took me to a hospital(Max Hospital) and deposited me there . They were very clear with the doctor that since they were not animal lovers hence all they could do was pay a minimal amount for my treatment . Rest it was on the hospital people to decide what to do with me. Various test were conducted on me and I was diagnoswd with a fractured back bone and also my hip joint was dislocated. The Doctors there irrespective of the fact that I was an abandoned dog performed a 2 hour long surgery on me. Within a few days I was feeling better. With regular medication and care I slowly started walking. Three kind women Nidhi ,Preeti and Priya were coming to the hospital for their dogs. They used to get fresh home-cooked food for their dogs and started getting for me too since I used to whine when I used to smell the yum food. They named me Twitter. Now I am almost normal but do not have a place to go. Are you ready to make me a part of your family? I am like a duck who will keep following you and shower you with loads of licks and love. . . #dogphotography #dogportrait #dogaltas #dogslife #doggram #doggrooming #dogmodel #dogstyle #dogfilter #dogsofnyc #dogbeach #dogdaily #dogsandpals #dogsofaustralia #dogsarethebest #dogcollar #dogsofinstagram #puppiesforall #inspiredbypets #lovepuppies #ilovemydog #puppysketch #pupflix #dog_features #worldofcutepets #animaladdicts #puppiesofinstagram #mydogiscutest #totallypawsomepups #doseofpuppy

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🐶 Caption this!! ❤️ Follow @dogloverstribe for more :)

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Meet Loki 💕 He is a 5-6 year old, 10lbs, Maltese/ Yorkie mix. He has a clean bill of health and just got neutered. He is incredibly sweet. Gets along with dogs of all sizes and cats. Walks well on a leash and is super chill. Today he’s also getting groomed and his teefs cleaned so we will share his after pics soon. 🥰🥰

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Snow day mood. Who’s got the snacks?!

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Hump day feels 🙃

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Don’t leave me hanging. #pawfive

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grandmama got back surgery last week, so I’ve been takin care of her. keeping her company and having cuddle parties every 5 seconds. it seems to be helping #HarperTheDogNurse