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ძაან ტაშ-ფანდურა ხასიათზე ვარ და რა გავაფუჭოთ აბა? :დ (გარდა ჩემი ხალათისა) #dzveli #hangi #georgian #song #girl #morning #happy #crazy

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Nikal be BC 😂😂

2 minutes ago

Nothing better than the sound of my boys laughter! Having a bit of fun with my boys this afternoon. Giving mama bear a little break! . If you can't tell, the Grinch is pretty much my alter ego hahahaha, being a Dad is awesome!! . at Australian Capital Territory

6 minutes ago

CRAZY TATTOO #Crazy #tattoo Realistic chicano #style black and grey😎 #เสดคับCRAZY TATTOO สนใจสักทักเฟสมาได้ค่ะ สนใจราคากันเอง งานแก้ก็ได้ค่ะ ทักเฟสหรือโทรมาได้เลยค่ะเบอร์ 0938342565 ช่างบลู🐷

1 day ago

Fun day in the Bay! Cyclone swell 🌊