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▪️EXERCISE OF THE DAY: Cable Shoulder press (3/4 sets, min 15 reps) - this exercise really targets your shoulders especially with the constant tension! AND your core will be smashed with this brill exercise. Start with the pulleys at the bottom, you want the handle in line with your shoulders. Press up with power, contract at the top and bring back down slowly - this will absolutely burn your shoulders out. Keep it controlled, focus on the contraction. You will struggle at the end, so it’s okay to cheat a little!💪🏻 I do this at the end of my push workout or shoulder workout!

1 day ago

Gym session was great today did a full body workout and 40mins cardio before heading out for few drinks later on this evening with the lads!!! @lewiscourt_ for videoing and help me create this post. 💪💪💪💪🍹👌👌 Also feedback on the excises would be great Especially as some of the movements on the excises could be formed incorrectly. #alphaleteaesthetics #alphalete #gymtime #fitness #fullbodyworkouttoday #cardioday #hiitcardio #gymnastics #fullbodyworkouts #fitnessmodel #alphaletegym #fitnessaddict #fitnessjourney #gymmotivation #alphaletes #alphaleteathletics #cardio #cardiotime #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #fullbodyworkout #fullbodyworkoutvideo #gym #cardioworkout #fullbodyworkoutday #fullbodyworkout💪 #partyprep #squat #benchpress

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leg day(quad dominant) So I get a lot of comments on my legs... how to get them big, defined and strong? VOLUME VOLUME VOLUME. I always start off with a warm up, preferably leg extensions super set with alternate lunges! 3 sets of 15. Then I move on to heavy squats, 4/5 working sets maximum 8 reps! I will move onto leg press 4 sets of 20, lunges, and leg extension. I train just my quads on one of my leg days simply because it’s exhausting 😂😭 Video: Heavy lunges, with a drop set. Notice the pulses on the body weight lunges, this really pushes blood into the muscle and fucks you up 😂 Video: 7 second negatives on leg press, 4/5 sets. I usually do this at the end of the workout. I change my feet position to target different parts of my quad. ALSO: I add in a couple hamstring exercises(light) as I train hamstrings and calves separately. There’s so much to explain with training so if you have any questions or would like to try my workout, drop me a message! at PureGym Telford

2 days ago

Pretty shit session today at the gym, Had a massive headache 🤕 but decided to still make an effort, even tho it wasn’t much. Consistently is key 🔑 🏋️‍♀️✌️Going to be leaving the workout below if anyone wants to give it a go Currently doing Monday CHEST Tuesday BACK Wednesday LEGS Thursday ARMS Friday SHOULDERS Saturday rest Sunday LEGS Workout 🏋️‍♀️ Flat bench 4 sets 12-10-8-8 Incline dumbbells 4 sets superset 10-10-10-10 Standing low dumbbell single arm 10-10-10-10 Dumbbell fly’s 4 sets with a drop set 12-10-10-10 - - 10 Decline barbell 4 sets 12-10-10-10 Pre workout by @ghostlifestyle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitness #legday #legs #fitnesslifestyle #alphaletegym #alphalete #alphaleteaesthetics #alphaletes #gymshark66 #gymshark #gymsharktrain #alphaleteapparel #gym #gymworkout #freeworkouts #ghostpreworkout

3 days ago

I am blown away looking through these photos and in tears of inspiration right now. S/o to @ghostlifestyle for incredible protein and energy supplements, @kmoody171 for pushing my discipline in my meal plans, @bootyking for putting together a phenomenal glute program,@alphalete + @gymsharkwomen for athletic wear that carry me through the sweatiest hip thrusting and the newest addition of @marillewellyn resistance bands for a burn I can’t describe. I swear by this when I say the right products, the right people, and consistency. 6 weeks until shoot time!! —————- at Hazel Dell, Washington

3 days ago

Everyday is arm day with @bmfitgear @bradleymartyn occlusion arm training bands. They increase muscle protein synthesis and work amazingly. 2 arm curls - 4x 10 1 arm curls - 4x12 each arm Seated dumbbell curls - 4x10 Standing ez curl bar - 3x12 Standing dumbbell curls - 3x10 Cable curls - 3x10 Single arm cable curls - 4x10

3 days ago

Don’t skip leg day 🙅🏻‍♂️ Leg extensions - 5x12 Hack squats - 4x12 Leg press - 4x12 Calf raises - 5x10 Hip Adductors/Abductors - 4x15 Hamstring Curls - 3x10

4 days ago

Lawwwd sweet suga honey ice tea does it feel good to be back 🤤 #homegym —————- at Gold's Gym

5 days ago

Exercise of the day: High pulley flies into press ups! As you’re doing the movement of the fly, keep it controlled, push your chest out and squeeze at the end of the contraction to push more blood into the muscle(resulting into more growth). This was my last set, so my form is slowly detoriating, but that’s okay! Press ups on a stepper to increase range of motion, the more range of motion, the more muscle fibres are engaged, which eventually leads to more growth. I do 8-12 reps on each exercises, for around 4-5 sets( beginners I would advise doing these exercises on their own to start with) at PureGym Telford

6 days ago

Skipping the cutesy pics cause this gym couple got another cheat meal 💀 FAM THE MAC N CHEESE BURGER IS A STRAIGHT FOOD COMA ———— at Henry's Tavern

7 days ago

When you realize you’re a shit owner because you lock your cat out on the porch for 3 hours 😅😂 Sorry Binx 🙏🏼❤️ • 📸: @eowphotography at Celebration, Florida

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If it was easy it wouldn't be so rewarding ✌️😎. --- Good full-body workout today with @basbloemen. --- ----------------------------------- Road to #AthleticTreble ----------------------------------- - - - - - - - - - - - #fitness #dutchfitness #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitdutchies #workout #bodybuilding #fitland #instafitness #gymaddict #alphalete #alphaleteaesthetics #myshreddedlifestyle #beavisonary #hardbody #motivation #instagood #myprotein #alphalete #dumbellshoulderpres #gymlife #rdx #proudbutneversatisfied #upperbodywourkout #fullbodyworkout #schoulderpress

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I’m tired, cranky, hungry, sore and I had a headache for a solid five hours yesterday. DISCIPLINE is all ya gurl had left this weekend 💀🖤 ——————- #stillatepizza at 24 Hour Fitness - Vancouver, WA

8 days ago

Motivation is not enough 👇 - - - Motivation is just a feeling; motivation comes and leaves. Trust me when I say that you will not always feel inspired. I myself am extremely guilty of this. There are times when I’m bouncing off the walls with ideas: absolutely buzzing to get to work. Then there are others, when all I want to do is lay in bed and cuddle with my dog, doing nothing at all for an entire day. Something I have been working on lately is not succumbing to my comfort. All too often I rely on waves of motivation to produce output, when in reality, it will take MUCH more than that to reach my goals. Sitting back and waiting for this feeling will only hinder me - - - I recently finished up Seth Godin’s “This is Marketing” about a month or two ago, and that is where I got this little rant/concept from. I wish I could attach the exact except, because he describes it a lot better than I do here, but I have actually loaned the book to a former professor. If you have any interest in marketing whatsoever, I can not recommend this read anymore. That’s all for today, hope you guys are killing it 💪 #EmbraceTheLifestyle - - - #thisismarketing #sethgodin #fitnessinspo #igfitnessinspiration #fitnessinfluencer #fitnessinfluencers #mensfitness #curlspoppin #biceps💪 #armdays #pullday #alphaleteathletics #gymshark66 #alphaleteaesthetics #alphaletemen #duespaid #mfceoproject #mfceo #shutupandtrain #lexingtonkentucky #lexingtonky #thoughtoftheday💭 #motivationmonday #motivatedmindset #fitnessmotivationquotes #fitnessmotivator

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Monday motivation with the new @gymshark Crucial T

12 days ago

Increasing carbs for one reason only the next 8 weeks: Glutes. Save for your next build-a-booty day. Three sets at 16-20 reps each. B U R N E R 🔥 ————- at 24 Hour Fitness - Vancouver, WA

12 days ago

❇️ It’s Friday! How’s everyone doing?!! We getting better everyday?! Today my last day of really lifting heavy before the deload for my comp. All types of emotions are running through my head leading up to my first official comp. I promise to give my all that day. I owe it to myself and my supporters. Have a great Friday !!! #watchmeworkmvmt - - - - - - - - ❇️New video is Live at noon on my YouTube channel !! Don’t forget to subscribe and share. Link is in my bio. at Alphalete Gym

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Throw back Thursday taking it back to my first every photoshoot just at the start of January imagine coming out of December but still looking in shape, it is possible setting yourself a goal and pursuing it I remember when it was the Christmas week I was frustrated because my gym was closed and I love training and a good friend of mine hooked me up with the keys of his gym I made the most of it because I had a goal I wanted I still haven’t got to where I want to be I’m not even close to my desired physique I want and I’m not carried away by how I look now nor boast about about but I must say when it comes to conditioning and symmetry I have it in the bag all day long I never knew I had so much detail on my back 😝 #gym #gymshark66 #gymmotivation #gymshark #gymlife #alphaleteaesthetics @alphalete #nutrition #nutritionfacts #physique #mensphysique #mensphysiquepic #npc #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #fitnessapparel #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmodel at Northern Ireland

16 days ago

“What is the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone, and avoid trouble” - @schwarzenegger - - - Released one of my favorite videos I've ever made yesterday titled "A Day in the Life of a Business Student" to shed light on what college has actually been like from my point of view (link is temporarily in my bio, or simply search my name to find it) - - - Needless to say, a few of my classmates took a personal offense to a hint of satire, and felt so entitled as to extort the meaning of the video as an “attack” against them, and their degrees. The thing is, trying to please everyone will only ensure that you please no one. Someone with no critics is someone that is not pushing the boundaries; someone that is not provoking thought, and conversation. The worlds greatest innovators were not met without a hand-full of cynics #EmbraceTheLifestyle - - - - #motivationoftheday #motivationalquotesandsayings #fitnessinfluencer #mensinfluencer #fitnessinspo #mfceoproject #mfceo #alphaleteathletics #alphaleteaesthetics #arnoldschwarzenegger #gymshark66 #liftforlife #entrepreneurmind #ignorethenoise #ignorethenaysayers #triggerred #weeklyvlog #weeklyvlogger #shoulderpress #shoulderpresses #fitspo at University of Kentucky

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love a good tan 🌚 - Tee from @muscle_xo