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messy bed, messy life 🌚🌚🌚

6 days ago

You know, it’s a real shame us dudes don’t throw compliments around at each other more often. You see it all the time with girls, they’re all busy being cheerleaders for all their homies. Eat an apple? You’re getting 30 comments about how fantastic and beautiful you are. I’m feeling that. Send some of that way. - So in that spirit, imma give it my best shot. @kerrygray1991 you got a FAT ass @train2thrive you rock a ponytail better than 90% of girls @tkbuchanan ain’t nobody clean a KFC drumstick like you @kyle_grab0wski you do doctor stuff real good like @mackdewar great singer @dlowsley You’re the most positive person I’ve met in my entire life Nailed it. at Christchurch, New Zealand

8 days ago

Tips that helped me in the gym when I started; 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 - Remember❗️Nobody cares what you look like or what your doing!! (If they would than that’s what keeping them from progressing faster cuz they do not workout hard enough on themselves) - Be yourself, wear whatever you’re comfortable in. ‼️ - Allow it to become your safe space! - Go Solw! No one expects you will stroll in to the gym and be able to hit the weights, squatting 50kg. It’s important to take baby steps to build your technique and strength. Starting simple with some floor exercises is a great way to build a strong core and foundation for building muscle upon. (All you need is your body weight) - Drink water 💧 It’s a no-brainer that physical exercise causes you to sweat and burn fuel so stay hydrated! This will help prevent stitches, headaches and muscle cramps.💪🏽 📸 by @_camila.florez at Netherlands

9 days ago

when the rain ends

11 days ago

Think of me while you’re all in the gym today making gains, I’m stuck in the bank 😩 Whether those be drinking gains cause it’s crate day, soul gains from eating deliciousness, or gains gains from hitting the gym. - 📸 by @mackdewar (enjoy your holiday slacker, time to work when you’re back). at Christchurch, New Zealand