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Did Blue Planet II blow your mind? Or was it Planet Earth that changed your life? We know how special our shows are to so many of you and this is why we’re thrilled to announce that we have five more incredible Planet series in the works: One Planet: Seven Worlds | Perfect Planet | Frozen Planet II | Green Planet | Planet Earth III Revisit your favourite planet titles whilst you wait – Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Blue Planet, Blue Planet II and Planet Earth To celebrate, tell us which title your most looking forward to seeing and share your favourite moments from the BBC’s Planet series using the hashtag #LovePlanet


  • yanasimeonova02412 days ago

    😍😍😍 So excited !! You are the masters in what you do guys ! And yes , all series I have watched from BBC have blown my mind . I have changed my life style (going vegan) , my vision of our amazing planet and how we just have to keep it save 🙌Thank you so much for your effort ! Every time you are showing masterpieces to your auditory ! Admirations ! 🎉

  • noreengoran12 days ago

    The earth is marvelous, Magic🙏💝 Göran

  • nmdunphy12 days ago

    BEYOND excited!!!!!

  • m4.rezaei12 days ago

    So beautiful. Who is singer in the clip?

  • samharrisyo12 days ago

    Ugh I can't begin to describe my excitement. I first watched The Blue Planet when I was 13 and I watched it weekly. The deep sea creatures mesmerized me. They are my oldest comfort. I'm gonna be 30 this year and I still watch the The Blue Planet: EP 2 - The Deep every few weeks because it helps me sleep.

  • naturalisteph12 days ago

    Planet Earth III. However, if Green Planet is more specifically about how we can save our home and be greener, I choose that one. Thousands have fallen in love with the Planet Earth series and learned about our Planet. I believe the BBC team can also inspire thousands to be greener. Perhaps show how easy it can be and share the results that occur after people become more eco-friendly. 💚

  • allyria_flow12 days ago

    Planet Earth 3 -- nothing like Attenborough 😉 will be watching all of these!

  • ankiiittaa12 days ago

    OMG!!! Best news in my life right now 😄😄 These series inspired me soo much😍😍😍 and to work towards protecting and conserving our planet 🌏

  • natibert212 days ago

    Frozen planet 2 😍😍😍

  • rizhanrazif12 days ago

    ALL!! But if had to choose, love the cinemas of Frozen Planet

  • drain12 days ago

    🙌🏾 Awesome! All of them! I must of watched this series at least 3 times. Amazing videography!

  • _makkine_12 days ago

    It's gonna be awesome 😌🙌

  • mrsbuttonsdesigns12 days ago

    I love the BBC’s nature documentaries from the early David Attenbough to Blue Planet II. What I would like to see more about is less of the big spectacular mammals and more about the little things like birds, amphibians, small reptiles and ARTHROPODS! 🐛🦋🐝🦑🦞

  • matheeq12 days ago

    Can't wait 😍😍😍😍