CRASHCAMS @crashcamsback11 days ago ·  Reading, England

WRONG DIRECTION: Just-released video shows a wrong-way driver in a red van nearly hitting a police vehicle in Reading, United Kingdom. Authorities say the driver was arrested and given a breathalyzer test and the results showed he was "almost four times over the prescribed drink drive limit." Credit @abcworldnewstonight #crashcams


  • sarv2u11 days ago

    It appears the police vehicle hit him on purpose to spin him out. Not that he nearly missed.

  • cuzendave11 days ago

    Police tapped rear corner spinning him out great manover In a split second decision

  • yusuf.habib8710 days ago

    Let me guess. A fucking old gimma 👴🏼

  • bottleofcorona10 days ago

    The morale of the story .. "don't drive drunk" 😁

  • eric4prez11 days ago

    The cop was nearly ready to go head on with the guy... Brave cop

  • djvybz30511 days ago

    Great police work 🙌🏽

  • ynddj8 days ago

    Oh thats right Im not in the colonies.