Photograph by @cristinamittermeier // Wild pacific salmon are struggling off the coast of British Columbia. Calls for a cull of B.C.'s resident seal and sea lion populations, positing the idea that predator control is the best way to manage declining salmon numbers, paint these pinnipeds as a scapegoat for the real threat to salmon survival; the human factors. We're talking about Atlantic salmon fish farms in Pacific waters. Herring fisheries. Climate change. Over fishing. Pollution. Loss of habitat from dam construction - which is a biggie. Industrial development. And, if this proposed seal hunt goes ahead, we can add it to the list of human factors upsetting the balance of an ecosystem that would otherwise be able to take care of itself. The bottom line here is that there's no science to support this move. Salmon only make up a fraction of the diet of these marine mammals. Let's not let emotion and political sleight of hand get in the way of sound decision-making. If we want to create lasting change, we have to start with our own choices.


  • vickeryjane2 months ago

    Meanwhile humans are drowning in a ‘sea of plenty’ - dying from over- consumption. Victims of our own insatiable greed. When will we collectively take responsibility for the damage we have inflicted on our natural world.

  • parker48572 months ago

    Hunting Has Always Been A Good Way Of Cutting Out The Over Population Of Many Animals, Here In Alabama There Are Way Too Many Deer For Example! I'm Quite Sure That Pollution Also Has A Part In The Declining Salmon Population Everywhere My Friends!!!😢

  • johnklarer2 months ago

    Please educate and inform our decision makers with a call out to your followers, individually we are all responsible in our daily choices, collectively we can counter balance the call to cull our sea lions or any other species.

  • rosa_r.s2 months ago

    Que se puede hacer?

  • nancyglassmanartist2 months ago

    We have the same kind of thing in the U.S. Solidarity across artificial borders.

  • willsire2 months ago

    So true. The culling of a natural predator is definitely not the answer, sad to see so many governments propose this immoral and unscientific solution.