i saw this picture of pyramids with only the top half built and the bottom was just some thin strings of bricks on the corners of the pyramids like legs and all i could think was “everybody gangsta til the pyramid starts walkin”


  • samepicture_of_trump2 months ago

    I post the same picture of trump until his time as an president comes to an end🇺🇸

  • memelemonn2 months ago

    I used this exact picture that’s in the background for an assignment

  • ijasonwu2 months ago

    ✅Very interesting!!!!

  • nialllllt2 months ago

    The pyrimids and sphinx are dated back way before 4500 years ago, the egyptions merely inhabited the area. Not a chance they shaped and cut not only mathematically correct but with laser cut precision 2+million blocks of solid limestone bedrock and granite with soft bronze saws and chisels. NOT aliens, NOT the ancient egyptions and definitely not a conspiracy. Do your research, the great sphinx is now dated back to 30,000 years..not 4500.

  • papi_ix2 months ago

    wastn my hard work n time

  • rod_cordova2 months ago

    Asi cuando en mi vida egipcia era esclavolfo 😂

  • hosephkavinsky2 months ago

    just cuz white people didnt do it doesnt mean it was aliens

  • samepicofsardinesdaily2 months ago

    Ok but are we going to ignore the fact that I post Spongebob sardine pics daily?

  • 3600pmg2 months ago

    Egyptians never said they built it