SNAGFISH @snagfish2 months ago · 

‼️This Parasite lives inside of Wahoo fish and can grow to be 17 Centimeters long! 😨😷 Despite growing to significant lengths and feeding on purely the blood of its host, this Parasite (hirundinella ventricosa), doesn’t actually do too much damage!! However, If there is more than one inside of you... well... its been nice knowing ya!! @key_larbo ©️. Via @snagbug!! Help them get to 20K followers!!


  • xx_celeste_xx2 months ago

    I honestly just want to strap that thing on a white clear table and put a clean paper towel below it and have a bright lamp just hovering it and then grab some super sharp doctor gangsta knives and slice it’s body from neck to leg just watching it gush out its guts and some brown dirt blood dripping to the paper towel

  • goldennchrg2 months ago

    That’s totally gross. And I was eating too 🤢🤮

  • krispyxface282 months ago

    I would hate for this to come out of my butt hole haha

  • peach__boba1 month ago

    I’ll be honest, the way it toppled over in the beginning was adorable 🌝👌