Born yesterday. Mom left without ever cleaning her off, we never know why? She was covered in the bloody mucus after birth. Has a pretty good size wound on her hip that was COVERED in maggots 🀒😳! The video makes her look big, she's 5 lbs. Very weak. She's clean and warm. Only taking about an oz and a half at a time so every hour or so she is giving alternating electrolytes and milk. Please have her in your thoughts tonight πŸ™ 🌱 Credit: @fuzzyfawn


  • wellsfamily9035 days ago

    So if she was born yesterday how would she have maggots already.. get your facts straight???

  • heat_manor5 days ago

    Bro don’t moms leave their babies because it attracts a scent the predators can pick up

  • _babayega_4 days ago

    @kat_g.from.t_az do you by chance know whose original story this is? So I can go chech out the details of the first story? Cuz it still sounds off to me for a day old (any animal or human) to get maggots. I read in the comments that under the right conditions and if it's real hot it could happen. But then again this poor baby doesn't look like it was born in the desert either. LoL.

  • pragati_dhuri3 days ago

    it wont hapn.. mom nevr left her baby.. even its a deer cub. her mother mst b in trouble

  • stefaniamiglio732 days ago