Born yesterday. Mom left without ever cleaning her off, we never know why? She was covered in the bloody mucus after birth. Has a pretty good size wound on her hip that was COVERED in maggots 🀒😳! The video makes her look big, she's 5 lbs. Very weak. She's clean and warm. Only taking about an oz and a half at a time so every hour or so she is giving alternating electrolytes and milk. Please have her in your thoughts tonight πŸ™ 🌱 Credit: @fuzzyfawn


  • unni_kg92 months ago

    Will pray for her , good work guys respect 😍❀️

  • suz.hamel2 months ago


  • ________x___vanetto2 months ago

    Awwww, poor baby 😭❀️❀️❀️

  • jaynetarone_2 months ago

    I’m praying for your little one maybe mummy got chased off but you’re in good hands now

  • wellsfamily9032 months ago

    So if she was born yesterday how would she have maggots already.. get your facts straight???

  • heat_manor2 months ago

    Bro don’t moms leave their babies because it attracts a scent the predators can pick up

  • pragati_dhuri2 months ago

    it wont hapn.. mom nevr left her baby.. even its a deer cub. her mother mst b in trouble

  • stefaniamiglio732 months ago


  • fgwencherry2 months ago

    How is she now... It's been awhile since this was posted how about an update