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6 days ago

Taller|Mauricio Rocha | Gabriela Carrillo estaremos en la Bienal Panamericana de Quito dando varias conferencias y Gabriela Carrillo como jurado de la Bienal #repost @baq_2018

16 hours ago

Winston, Tibetan Terrier (3 y/o) • “He’s gotten into chocolate more times than we wanted. @PetPlate isn’t the only human grade food he enjoys eating.” Feed your doggo food you would eat yourself, because they deserve to live their best life too. #ad - Follow the link in bio to get 55% off #PetPlate

4 hours ago

Milky Way above Tre Cime (re-edit) - not too long ago I posted an image from that gorgeous night. But I didn’t feel like I nailed the edit. Although I thought I had it when uploading. To me editing milky ways is about the hardest thing. My goal is to have it look close to what I experienced but in an aesthetic way that I like. Honestly, I rarely ever find edits of milky ways that I like. Most of the time I find them way to overprocessed in color and clarity. But that’s just me and my personal taste. So here is my edit that I feel I finally got it where I want it to be at. For this I stacked 8 exposures of the sky to reduce noise (eventhough that it wasn’t really necessary) and combined it with a long exposure for the foreground with lower ISO. And since I had been asked about it: this was taken with the @sigma_deutschland 14 mm, 1.8 lens. And I am really pleased with the result. It’s a huge difference to a 2.8 lens, indeed. But the lens is heavy so I would consider what to use it for and not take it with me on every hike. Especially when you have a 16-35 2.8 already. But the lens is sure to stay. I like it a lot! . . . . . #neverstopexploring #longexposure_shots #agameoftones #night_shooterz #ig_masterpiece #longexpo #ig_nightphotography #astrophotography #splendid_xposure #longexpoelite #fs_longexpo #starrynight #rsa_night #amazing_longexpo #skymasters #igpodium #super_photolongexpo #nightimages #ig_italy #instaitaly #igersitaly #loves_italia #gf_italy #vscoitalia #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery

6 days ago

Autumn all over ~ 🍂 Dad, you gave me the soul of an adventurer, taught me how to challenge myself and never judged me whether I win or lost. I hope I can be as great dad some day. 🍂 #fathersday #autumn

22 hours ago

Villa Bedroom Design by Georgios Tataridis in Sicily, Italy.(2018) • #Design_Only

5 hours ago

Photo series ‘France’ by 📷 @francois_aubret for #minimalzine François’ work is a documentation of graphic encounters he comes across in urban environments. Wherever he goes, he likes to observe and capture the visual language that defines our cities and cultures. This time, he went back home and explored what the French landscape has to offer. Away from popular landmarks, he has been wandering around faubourgs searching for overlooked scenes that reflect the local visual identity. François Aubret is a French photographer currently living in Los Angeles. After working as a museum and exhibition designer, he decided to go full circle and use his creativity towards his own artistic practice. His background as an environmental designer really influenced the way he looks at his surroundings now. To him this is where his sensibility for architectural details and dynamic compositions comes from. #photographeroftheday #featured #minimal #minimalmood #minimalism #minimalist #minimalphoto #photozine #zine #journal #contemporaryart #visualart #france

1 day ago

Golden days - I wish you all a happy Friday!

3 days ago

The sun had set, the cold had begun to creep in. I don’t think we would want it any other way.

1 day ago

🌏 Cabo San Juan, Tayrona National Park. Colombia 🇨🇴 🌎 . . . کابو سان خوان، پارک ملی تیررونا. کلمبیا 🇨🇴 . . اگه حال دلت با پست هام خوب میشه لایک و فالوو یادت نره ❤❤❤ . پست های قبلی ما رو از دست ندین 👇 👇 👇 @morteza.babollahzadeh . . . . #طبیعتزیبا #ایران #درخت #گل #دریا #دشت #کوه #بیابان #کوچه #مرتضیباباللهزاده #طبیعت #آسمان #آبشار #طبیعتگردی #کوهنوردی #کوهستان #دریاچه #دره #تپه #عشق #گلزار #آب #دزفولی #گیلان #گیاه #خوزستان #ارتفاع #سفر #گردشگری ❤❤💙💙

16 hours ago

#culturaPLOT – El plan maestro consiste en conectar Burlington House y Burlington Gardens tanto en términos físicos como ideológicos y dotarlos de una identidad singular a través de un marco arquitectónico cohesivo. Los elementos agregados se basan en la estructura de los edificios existentes, abriendo áreas previamente cerradas e introduciendo una serie de intervenciones puntuales que abarcan reparaciones y restauraciones. - Plan Maestro para la Real Academia de las Artes: nueva entrada y vestibulo Selfridges Duke Street - Arquitectos @david.chipperfield Año 2018 Fotografía Simon Menges

18 hours ago

An austrian village waking up... ⛼

1 year ago

Packing day. Getting ready for a two week stint in Bolivia. Super excited to be working on a film project down there as well as getting in some trekking, camping and climbing in the mountains

4 days ago

Desert textures